Childless Couples

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Astrology Remedies For Childlessness or for childless couple use to solve childlessness problems using vedic astrology. We also provide you reasons for childlessness in astrology.

An essential aspect of a marital relationship is having an issue together. Not only does it strengthen the bond between a husband and wife, but it also ensures a healthy household.

Reasons For Childlessness In Astrology Reasons For Childlessness In Astrology, There are a few factors that work towards childlessness, in astrology. At first, it can be thought of as a consequence of evil deeds in any of one’s past lives. According to Brihad Parashara Hora Shastra, the classic book of astrology, the following few factors can be pointed out as probable reasons: The Lagna Lord: While a strong Lagna Lord, or the Ascendant, or the first house in a birth chart, is ideal for happy news, a weak one can easily result in childlessness. The placement of the Lagna Lord should be proper to ensure a happy life and childbirth. The fifth lord: Coupled with suitable planets, the fifth lord, can provide great wealth and happiness. However, if ill-placed, it will result in misery. This is often seen as a big reason behind childlessness. Besides this, Rahu is present in the fifth house on astrology charts, which can cause childlessness, as well. Jupiter with Rahu: The presence of Rahu and Jupiter together can cause childlessness. In some cases, if the couple already has issues, this can also mean the loss of a child or children. This falls under the ‘curse of snakes’ category in the classic book. Jupiter is with Mars, and the Lagna Lord is with Rahu: This combination is considered a fatal bane for anyone expecting or planning babies. This, along with the placement of the fifth Lord in the sixth, or eighth, or twelfth house, can cause havoc.